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Hi, my name is Denis Shonov, I am a unique Product designer specializing in User Interfaces and Learning Experience. I've dived in Edtech for 4 years. I create e-learning products: LMS concepts, mobile apps for educational startups. My super-skill is analytical method that I've polished working as a design-analyst in lab of edtech, Institute of Education, HSE.
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Product design in Edtech
  • LMS informational architecture
  • Product concept design (UI/UX)
  • UI kit & SMM kit
  • UI design systems
  • interactive prototypes
  • desktop & mobile design
Product management in Edtech
  • market analysis & SMM
  • agile team-management & remote work
  • learning methodologies & instructional design
  • content gamification (black-hat, white-hat)
  • startups in edtech branch
My professional super-skill
  • I've analyzed 140+ edtech products for UI/UX
  • I' m aware of core edtech products in US, Russia, EU, UK, Singapore and China
  • I know how to make express-research by means of A/B tests and Skype-interviews
  • I've written several academic papers on peer-to-peer learning and LMS

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